Carter's Reptiles

Carter's Reptiles was founded & built by Shane & Simon Carter in the county of Essex.
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Project Overview

Carter's Reptiles
Braintree, Essex
1 Month
Online Marketing, Website Design
Carter's Reptiles Website

Client Summary

Carters Reptiles was founded & built by Shane & Simon Carter in the county of Essex, UK. Over the years they have kept a number of species as hobbyists including Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises & more. With their passion growing stronger every day for the animals they keep, they decided to invest in a large unit where they then went about setting up their own High Quality Conservation Breeding Facility. The conservation of all the species they keep is very important to Carter's. Mimicking their natural environments as closely as possible to maintain happy & healthy species.

Once the unit was up and running they needed an E-commerce website and content management system to sell their products online and to be able to manage the site themselves once the site was complete.


Our Solution

We provided Carter's Reptiles with a fully responsive E-commerce website that positively reflects their brand, designed bespoke to their requirements. The site is setup to take payments, generate invoices and ensure the customer is kept up to date via email with the status of their orders. It logs their customers in a CRM database for admin and marketing purposes and will build a mailing list of potential buyers for email marketing.



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