Campaign Management

Let us do the leg work for you.


Campaign Strategy

Online advertising can be a very lucrative marketing channel, we can now make bespoke adverts that will be shown only to potential customers we want to see it. Whether you are running Facebook Advertising or using Google Adwords, you should have set out a clear campaign strategy to ensure you are monitoring results, maximising your budget and achieving a steady return on advertising spend (ROAS). Find out what we can do for you.

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Ideas, Goals & Objectives

What do you want to achieve online? In our first meeting we will discuss your online business goals and objectives so we know what level of campaign will offer the most benefit to you. Are you looking to grow on social media? Or sell products on your website? Or both? After a detailed discussion we will design a campaign and strategy tailor made to your business goals and bespoke to your requirements.

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Campaign Management

Once we have outlined your objectives and expectations, we can begin to design a campaign management plan. This will consist of exactly what campaigns will be run, how they will be organised, who will manage them and the objectives of each. This will help maintain a structured approach that is easily managed and understood both internally and externally.

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Professional implementation is the next step, we will setup the campaigns as per the agreed strategy and ensure everything is in place, on brand and ready to start generating leads for your business. It is important that everything all areas of the campaign are running concurrently to ensure there are no gaps in display or service. For example, if you are running a campaign to get more customers subscribed to your mailing list of offers, and a customer opts in...Great, you have had a conversion from your campaign, however if they are never sent an email with offers you may have lost a potential customer. Implementation needs to consider and encompass more than just the setup of conversion funnels, we can help you to be reactive and measure online successes.

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Measured Success

We will continue to monitor campaigns after launch to see if we can make any ongoing improvements including developments in technology that may be of benefit. In your project management plan you will have clearly defined key performance indicators, so you can review your campaigns performance internally. We provide training for staff members if required. In addition you can learn to use our powerful reporting tools built into our content management platform to produce your own reports on any aspect of your website traffic.