Business Analysis

Powerful business analytics.


Powerful Business Analytics

Its all about your business. Do you have clearly defined business goals and objectives? Are you using all the data available to work towards these goals with a structured approach? We can help you find and understand key performance indicators that will increase conversion rates and ultimately sales. We offer a complete audit or individual services based on your needs.



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In Depth Analysis

Receive a complete digital audit of your business. We research and study your presence online and throughout social media to provide a detailed break down of your online business. After extended research, we work with you to develop key performance indicators relevant to you, and we use this data to create an online strategy that works. We review your website to ensure it is correctly optimised for search and is displaying correctly across all platforms. In addition, we will make suggestions on how to improve site content, internal / external links and site structure to improve your page rank and usability for your customers.



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Online Marketing Breakdown

You should know your place online amongst your competitors, who is outperforming you online? Why are they out performing you and what can you do to fix it? We will take a look at your online presence and provide a top level breakdown of your online marketing to ensure you are maximising the potential of your website in search and social media.



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Internal Document Review

Your appearance to companies and staff members is important. Your internal literature should not only look professional, it should be designed around your business. We take old forms, contracts and any other documentation and transform them into branded internal documents. Do you have a sales inquiry sheet thats just not quite doing the job? We will redesign it for you. We can make any hard copy form digital, so you or your employees can stay paper free. What if you need to send a contact? We can set up Adobe E-Sign (used by BT) to send contracts for signature by email, securely.



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Google Analytics in a Nutshell

If you have been running Google Analytics for a while and you need a helping hand to analyse and breakdown data that is important to you please contact us, we can help you understand the metrics valuable to your website.