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Website Design for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are taking over the way we use the internet and shop online. Now more than 40% of website traffic is generated by mobile devices compared to desktop and tablet computers. We design a range of different user friendly mobile websites, providing complete visibility for your business online..

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Responsive Mobile Design

We design all of our responsive websites with a separate mobile view point as standard. This means that when you website is being viewed by a potential customer on a smart phone, you can be assured they have been presented with information as intended. Having a separate mobile view or website wil increase conversion rates whilst maintaining a pleasant user experience for the customer. If you would like a different layout depending on which smart phone is being used we can use multiple style sheets for even more control of what your users will see. If you generate revenue online, mobile search is paramount and mobile e-commerce will be a key part of your success online.

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Mobile Websites

We design stand alone mobile sites that work like mobile app's. Rather than having a responsive website where your page will be rearranged to best suit the users view. A mobile website will be a fixed width site separate to the main site and provides many benefits including the ability to create a completely different visual. As the mobile site and main website are not attached keywords and metadata can be more specific and better targeted with better internal link structures for mobile search. Once we have created your mobile website we can link any required items to the equivalent item on your main site, so if you need to change a price or a time via your content management system, you can make the change just once like you would with a responsive website and your changes will be reflected across all live versions of the website.

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Mobile App Development

Through business partners, we provide custom solutions for mobile application development. From taxi companies to fitness professionals we can provide your business with bespoke applications to improve efficiency, engage customers and ultimately increase business.

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